1-on-1 PT, Personal Training and Group Exercise Available

About 1-on-1 Training

Whether you’re just looking to learn more about Parkinson’s or are ready for the full concierge experience, we have something just for you! 

We know that it can be a full time job, and quite frankly, overwhelming at times managing your Parkinson’s. That’s why we wanted to create a program that would help you take the guesswork out of it. Whether you have JUST been diagnosed or have been living with Parkinson’s for many years, we want to help ensure that you are optimizing the latest and greatest tools at your disposal to live your best life. Meeting with our expert therapists and learning all about you is the ABSOLUTE BEST way to get a personalized plan for you, not just a cookie cutter solution. Your plan could range anywhere from a one time, yearly consult to weekly private visits, group classes, personalized nutrition and supplementation assessment, video check-ins, personalized video home exercise program, and daily interaction/availability of your therapist(s).

First Time New Client Assessment + 1 week of Classes

Not sure if our classes are for you?? Why not take advantage of our new client special?! Come in for a 1.5 hour comprehensive assessment of cognition,  mobility, balance, strength, coordination, nutrition, bowel and bladder etc. and enjoy a week of classes for free!


*****Your assesssment may be

covered by your insurance also*****

$300 (a $644 value)

Open Gym Access

Just want to come in and use the equipment on your own? Feel free to do so whenever class is not in session! (must be cleared for safety)


This is also for CAREGIVERS!!

Monthly Unlimited Membership

Get unlimited access to ALL of our classes. This includes 10 exercise classes, mobility, Rock Steady boxing, strength, TRX, cardio and more! 

Week long Intensives

Have you recently had a decline in function? Maybe you were sick or had an injury? Oftentimes our neurological symptoms can worsen when this happens and it can give us a “jumpstart” to do a week or two of daily, intensive therapy. This is also very effective for freezing of gait. 

1-Time Comprehensive Wellness Consultation

Comprehensive Parkinson’s assessment including cognition, mobility, balance, coordination, strength, nutrition, autonomic dysfunction, supplements, bowel and bladder, sleep and more!

Nutrition and Wellness Consultation

Do you know what the best foods are for your brain? Do you know how to do an elimination diet? Do you know how to cook your meals at home? Need advice on gut health, bowel and bladder issues, sleep hygiene, etc? This is the place for you!

Walk In

Have a variable schedule? Not ready to commit to a full membership just yet? Feel free to drop in any time and pay as you go. 

Dry Needling

Functional dry needling can help with pain in acute and chronic conditions, can improve rigidity and overall stiffness, improve ROM and more. 

No Pain, No Gain

Real Work.
  Real Results.

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Client Testimonials

If you have or know someone who has Parkinson’s, then you should check out this place. Alison is amazing! She and her staff assist with physical therapy, speech therapy and the depression that comes with the diagnosis. What an awesome group. Highly recommend!


They tried to send me somewhere else and I refused. I said I’ll only work with Alison! 

JP, North Richland Hills

My experience with Alison has been nothing short of the best physical training to battle my Parkinson’s Disease. It has given me more strength and balance to battle the effects from what the disease takes away. Alison also helped me through so many physical pain issues. She is unlike most, she really cares about the patient and has the experience to help a person maintain and actually perform better. That is saying a lot!

GS, Arlington

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